Steel bar cutting machine

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    Key Features

    CYW-35N *(With Clutch) Steel Diameter Capacity(mm):6-32Φ Power:3-inter-Phase 220V (50/60Hz) Motor:5.0HP/15Amp Weight:380KG Dimensions L x W x H:1100 x 700 x1100mm8 * With Clutch : The operator needs to pull the clutch to cut rebar(s); this design is for cutting bigger rebar's (safety purpose). Maximum Cutting Diameter 45kg/ 70000psi A615-40 28mmΦ 35mmΦ 35mmΦ 65kg/ 90000psi A615-60 25mmΦ 32mmΦ 32mmΦ Maximum Numbers of rebar can be cutting stimulitaneusoly (**reference only) Diameter(mm)/CYW-35N 9mm/6pcs 12mm/ 4/5pcs 15mm/ 3/4pcs 18mm/2pcs 21mm/2pcs 25mm/1pc 28mm/1pc 30mm/1pc 33mm/1pc * *Depending on quality of rebar's and skill of workers.