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The following is factory layout, please make proper adjustment, if necessary. Land:1,000m2 +- (factory + curing/stock area) Factory:(W)7M x (L)24M including a)storage room for 300 bag cement. b) storage room for tools, moulds. c-1) mixer; c-2) making M/C d) In-door curing area (products after 4-6 h
control pannel The Switch Button Type 1)Directly set up the desired quantity by switching buttons. Both actual and set-up quantity will be shown on LED. 2)All production process will shown on the control board. Each major step has check point, In case of breakdown, the operator can
1) Easy for installation : the machinery is designed for "DIY" (do it yourself) type. It is not necessary to dispatch engineers for installation works. Kung-Yu will provide Installation Manual and Operation Manual. 2) Easy for maintenance :No compli

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