Steel Bar Cutting Machine

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    Key Features

    CYW-35 (Without Clutch) 
    1. Steel Diameter Capacity(mm):6-32Φ 
    2. Power:3-inter-Phade 22V (50/60Hz) 
    3. Motor:5.0HP/15Amp 
    4. Weight:370KG 
    5. Dimensions L x W x H:1100 x 700 x1100mm 
    6. Without Clutch: Once open the switch, the cutter will be automatic come backward 
    and forward slowly (non stop).
    7. The operator needs to put cutting rebar(s) at cutting position, when the cutter is at backward condition (mouth wild open). 
    8. With Clutch : The operator needs to pull the clutch to cut rebar(s); this design is for cutting bigger rebar's (safety purpose). 
    9. Maximum Cutting Diameter 45kg/ 70000psi A615-40 28mmΦ 35mmΦ35mmΦ 65kg/ 90000psi A615-60 25mmΦ 32mmΦ 32mmΦ 
    10. Maximum Numbers of rebar can be cutting stimulitaneusoly (reference only) 
    11. Diameter(mm) / CYW-35 9mm/6pcs 12mm/ 4/5pcs 15mm/ 3/4pcs 18mm/2pcs 21mm/2pcs 25mm/1pc 28mm/1pc 30mm/1pc 33mm/1pc
    12. Depending on quality of rebar's and skill of workers.