High Performace Concrete Batching Plant

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High Performace
Request for Quotation

    Key Features

    Note 1 The above is a standard quotation. If there is any changes, then it will need to be revised. 2 Buyer to supplly electricities power 220Vx3Px300A when performing installation. 3 Supplyer will provide all necessary foundation designs for Buyer to perform civil works. 4 Buyer to supplly the main power & water systems to batchign plant site. 5 After inpection of the job site and discussion,if there is any changes, the quotaion will then need to be revised. 6 All the steel structure of works shall meet with the local construction code. 7 All machines are new. 8 Except the storages for materials hoppers and inside of measurement devices have no paint, the rest of all machine equipments will have 2 times of painting. The color of outside will be upon client's request. 9 When performing installation works, Buyer need to provide : 8 machnical& 4 electrical skillful technicians, installation equipments such as crane, forklift and electricities….ect. 10 The Supplyer will send 2 machnic & 2 electrical engineers for installation and test run. The Buyer will supply the air ticket, food meal, hotel and necessary hospitalities. It is estimated 60-80 working days for installation. The salaries of Taiwanese engineers will be discussed later. 11 Supplyer will provide all necessary Operation and Maintenance manuals.