Steet Bar Bending Machine

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    Key Features

    Steel Diameter Capacity(mm): 9-32Φ Curving Angle: 0-180 Curving Speed:180-4 (Sec) Power:220V(50/60Hz) Motor:3 Inter-Phase 5.0HP/15Amp Weight: 180KG Dimensions L x W x H:610 x 580 x 780mm Maximum number of rebar with can be bended simultaneously (* reference only) Diameter(mm) / BYW-35 9mm/5pcs 12mm/4pcs 15mm/3pcs 18mm/2pcs 21mm/2pcs 25mm/1pc 28mm/1pc 30mm/1pc 33mm/1pc 36mm/1pc Depending on quality of rebar's and skills of workers. 1.Angle setting can be easily done by turning dial indicator on the angle plate, also suitable for slight angle adjustment.