LED Light Bulb

Model No.
T-69002M / T-69003M
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    Key Features

    • Indoor lighting for domestic using
    • 6W LED bulb equal to 40W incandescent Lamp(400lm)
    • 7.5W LED bulb equal to 60W incandescent Lamp(560lm)
    • 9W LED bulb equal to 70W incandescent Lamp(700lm)
    • 9.5W LED bulb equal to 80W incandescent Lamp(800lm)
    • Heath protection, more comfortable for vision
    • Green and environment protection, no pollution
    • Lower CO2 emissions
    • Lower burden on the air-conditioner
    • Energy saving
    • Reinforced plastic and metal body, uneasy breakage
    • Fast light brightening, no delay and flicker
    • General lamp-socket, easy using

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